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After the revolution

Aria di Cherubino

B.D. Women

Bete noir

Bloody well done

Body of a poet (The)

Carte false

Chi è Robin

Coconut, cane & cutlass

Coming home

Complaints of a dutiful daughter

Cross your heart


Day in the life of a bull-dyke (A)

Double entente

Fingers and kisses


German song

Greetings from Africa

How many lesbians does it take to change a lightbulb?

In questa pelle su questo pianeta


Lesbian health matters

Lesbian kamasutra (The)

Life is a woman (The)

Liquor guns and ammo

Litany for survival -The life and work of Audre Lorde

M.U.F.F. Match

Mad about the boy

Me & Mrs Jones

Medusa raw

Mein feind

Memoires de sable et d'eau

Memsahib Rita - A tale of magic and mystery

Mister sisters (The)

My failure to assimilate

Nice girls don't

Object/subject of desire

Old butch

Only the brave

Peach (a sweet and subversive short film)

Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinéma 7° Festival ...

Quando l'eroe è un mezzo soprano



Se la mia amica entrasse

Secondo lavoro (Il)

Sex Bowl

Sex Fish

She makes love with her

Shinjuku boys

Sirena di sale

Spy (A) (Hester Reeves does the Doors)

Story so far (The)

Terra nullius

Terribles vivantes (Les)

That's alright mama

Thin ice


Unfolding posture

What does a lesbian look like?

When night is falling

When Shirley met Florence



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