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Angel out of the closet

Backseat Detour

Bang Bang Je t'aime Je t'aime

Bar Talk

Blossoms of Fire

Blue Tuesday

Body: a women's definitions

Bridge Passage

By Hook or by Crook

Cherries In the Snow (An Ode To Joan Nestle)

Children of the crocodile

Cirque ą New York (Un)

Come Here



Day we never met (The)


Dress code

Edge of Each Other's Battles (The): The Vision of Audre Lorde

Family affair (A)

Hand On The Pulse

Haunting (A)

Head stick'em

How To Mend A Broken Heart

Incidental Journey

Lavori in corso

Leave it!

Lesbian Fashion?

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature

Lives of Marilyn Sunderman (The)

Losing Lois


Mercedes, here lies the heart

Mihez Kezdjen Egy Fiatal Leszbicus a Nagyvąrosban...

Mit Mir

Odd Sock

Odds Of Recovery

On Becoming A Woman

Papayoni. Creatura immorale

Pas trop pres!

Piece de resistance

Pussies From Outta Space


Schlorkbabies an der Raststatte

Slickster fixture

So Different

Some Real Heat


Sweet baby J'ai on diva's breaking taboos

Swimming Upstream: A Year in the Life of Karen and Jenny

Ten Rules, The (A Lesbian Survival Guide)

They Still Smile


Treading water

Varuh Meje (The Guardian of the Frontier)

Watching Lesbian Porn

What Are We Doing Tonight?

Within These Cages

You 2



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